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Mod 4 and Fiscal Law Registration Form
Course Title:
Option #1 Mod 4 ($375 fee)
Option #2 Purpose/Time/Amount Course ($500 fee)
Option #3 Purpose Course ($400 fee)
Option #4 Certifying Officer Course ($300 fee)
Course Date and Location:
First Name:
Last Name:
Day Phone:
E-mail address:
Payment Method:
Option #1 Check (payable to Archway Training)
Option #2 Credit Card
Name on Credit Card:
Card Type (VISA, MC, Discover or AmEx*)
Card Number:
CVV Number
Expiration (mo/yr)
Please submit your registration form NLT 30 days prior to course commencement. *Use of AmEx Card requires 4 digit security code and Zip code of billing address.

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